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As usual, it all started in China, at first time it seemed like a small thing, another flu like many before, diseases that shook local communities but did not have an impact outside the regions from which they started .
In that moment I was in the UAE but it was immediately clear that this virus was different, when then it was given the name Sars-CoV-2 it was clear that it was not some variant of H1N1 but it was the older brother of the Sars, virus of a few decades before that caused several deaths.
An outbreak in Wuhan has become an epidemic, the epidemic has turned into a pandemic and the whole world has collapsed.
Within a few months, we went from leading a normal life to being locked up in the house, covered in gloves and masks, watching the numbers of dead and infected people incessantly rise dramatically all over the world.
The whole world has become paralyzed, going out, walking, moving to other cities, working, traveling, photographing…everything that was once taken for granted today is no longer possible, today we have to live indoors at home, and we still don’t know for how long time!
But one day the world will raise its head, it has happened in the past and it will happen again, we will go back to our normal life, we will go back to hug our loved ones, we will go back to restarting the economy, we will go back to doing what makes us happy, we will go back to travel … we will come back to fly!
But one question remains, can a people with dubious eating habits be free to infect the whole world for the umpteenth time without consequences?

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